Under the Steel Web

Into the Warrens
In which our heroes meet

They gathered at the Pentecost gate, four men, a woman and an alien. Their purpose was to enter the Warrens, the dangerous prison of all those who disagree with the Lord Mayor, and see what value might be hidden there. Brother Allen Sook, head of the Eskatonic Order, was their point of entry, accompanied by his escort Victor Decados, Brother Battle Acolyte. Through the Battle Brother came Valentine Sparks, his cybernetic doctor; Valentine brought along a Scraver of his acquaintance, Shula bint Saffiyah, and Shula’s bonded serf Gray, a Ur Ukar. Lastly, they brought a Muster guildsman, as muscle and as a sort of guide, though he knew the Warrens only slightly better than others.

While the gate guards hesitated to let them through, for fear of harm, they went all the same. In the square beyond, which was dark and crowded even though dawn had just happened, they found a guide to take them to a Maker, whatever that was. The narrow paths were long and winding, but eventually they found a fellow with a rebar blade obviously electrified, and they asked him what he made under the sign of lightning. Except that he was the front door guard, not the Maker. The Maker was an old man with screws and washers and bits of wire, and he had nothing good to say. The doorman took them off, to find a vault in another part of the Warrens, that no one had been into. Only it was passed danger, so Dunlop, who was the guard, warned them and took them the best way.

They passed a gang of Ashfaces, who were violent and threatened often to burn folk with rendered human fat. Only the Eskatonic persuaded them to be friends, and they went with that. So they went on, and came to a vault hidden in a broken wall, and then Shula stepped forth and made it open, with a little help from Valentine.

Inside were jewels, and sacred scrolls, and a medpak, and a generator, and an empty chest. Only the empty chest had power cells, or something, which suited the generator. And only, a spider came, black and horrible, and seized Dunlop. Then it came for…something? And it fought against all the party, batting away Brother Battle, and not much noticing the rest of the, and trying to seize the generator. Only how Valentine opened the chse and showed off the power cells or what have you, and it went for that. So the vault was closed and sealed with the spider alone in it, and then they took up the generator, which they had gotten out and distracted the spider from, and they started back into the Warrens.

But no one knows the way…


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