Viktor Decados

Acolyte of the Brothers Battle


Viktor Decados is a toned, wiry man with jet black hair, grey eyes, and an almost-perpetually amused smirk on his face. He wears a faint scar on his right cheek, the remains of a more dire injury that the healers could not completely erase. Viktor moves with an assured gracefulness that is almost always utilized to feign an air of slouching laziness. He is an Acolyte in the Brothers Battle, but is also known to have close familial ties to House Decados, and in fact wears one of the distinctive form-fitting Decados tunics under his Brothers Battle armor. He is not known for his devout nature, but is known as a dangerous swordsman with a lightning-quick blade.

In spite of all this, or perhaps because of it, Viktor is hard to dislike. Whether through an accident of upbringing or a deliberate process of self-training, Viktor does well at pulling off a certain roguish charm that makes it hard to dislike him for too long. He is generally kind to those he favors, and avoids the boorishness and bullying that some Brothers Battle tend to exhibit. However there are some in the city missing a finger or two who have been slow to realize that when pushed or provoked, Viktor does not hesitate to enact his own form of holy justice.


Viktor was only a few years old and visiting from another Decados planet when he was trapped under the Dome. Although not a direct family member, he was part of House Decados and was allowed to remain in the Soft Palace as part of Countess Louisa’s extended family. A smart boy, he did well in the household and made more than a few friends. As he grew into adolescence though he began to realize that he would always be held back from true success in the house due to his lack of direct blood ties to Countess Louisa.

All of this came to a head when Viktor turned eleven and challenged an older and well-favored cousin to a duel. In the ensuing fight he was slashed across the face and severely wounded in his arm. His cousin stood over him and told him in no uncertain terms that he was only a guest in the Soft Palace, and not a welcome one at that, and then stabbed his blade into the wounded arm again and again before being pulled away by his second.

The aftermath of of the duel was complicated, as it often is in House Decados. Most considered Viktor impertinent for demanding the duel, and a poor house-guest for insisting that his challenge be answered. On the other hand, his cousin’s behavior after clearly winning the duel was considered tacky, and the loss of Viktor’s arm only intensified the debate over the results. Rumor had it that the resolution to the debate finally came from Countess Louisa’s own lips, which had the effect of ending the discussion almost immediately.

The favored cousin was scolded for his lack of grace, and Viktor was provided with a cybernetic replacement for his arm. However he was also placed with the Brothers Battle to learn some self-control and keep the two rivals away from each other. The favored cousin forgot about the whole affair almost immediately, but Viktor spent his teenage years cultivating his resentment and wounded pride like some nobles cultivate rare flowers.

Viktor has spent the intervening years advancing within the Brothers Battle through a combination of political manipulation and the fact that he has become shockingly good with a sword. Most members of his Order dismiss or downplay his skill, claiming that his appointment to Acolyte was solely due to his connections within House Decados. They discount his skill because they don’t realize the depths of Viktor’s obsession. His laziness and bored attitude is a mask he wears for those around him. In truth, he’s more focused than most would imagine.

After recovering the use of his arm and surviving indoctrination into the Brothers Battle, Viktor has spent most of his free time relentlessly practicing with a sword and spending most of his funds on increasingly advanced upgrades to his cyber-arm. His skill comes from thousands of hours of practice in pursuit of his one goal in life: challenging his cousin once again, and killing him. In retrospect, placing him with the Brothers Battle was a horrible mistake by the Countess… or was it actually quite deliberate?

Viktor Decados

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