Lucy Gearson

Most innovative Engineer in all of Arad


Lucy looks younger than she actually is, a fact that she believes contributes to the dismissal of many of her brilliant ideas. Unfortunately, the exuberance with which she tackles her job, frequently misinterpreted as childlike glee, also contributes to her youthful appearance.


Lucy comes from a long line of Engineers. Her father was an engineer, as was his father before him, and so forth, going back many generations to the first engineers of Arad. The father-to-son tradition was broken when Lucy’s mother only gave birth to daughters. But Lucy seemed to inherit the engineering genius anyway. After dismantling and reassembling almost everything in the house at least once, her father pushed for her early apprenticeship within the Guild.

She had just received her official guild commission at age of 14 when the black disk appeared and the steel webbing fell. Confronted with the most complicated and dangerous problem of her life, the young prodigy immediately set to work. Though many of her innovations and improvisations have been long forgotten, she is well remembered for her work with Cobalt Volt on the first electricity generator.

Lucy Gearson

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