Jehosephat Watley

Yeoman and manager of the Elmsford Automobile Scrap Works. Employer of Ask and Answer.


A man just shy of entering his 60’s, Jehosephat Watley is a mech specialist. Although a functioning alcoholic, he can repair and drive any type of transport.


If you give him a chance, Jehosephat Watley will tell you that he shouldn’t even be in the dark city of Arad. He would tell you that on the day that the strange disc appeared over Arad, Jehosephat was in the city picking up…well it doesn’t really matter what he was picking up. What matters is that the item he was suppose to pick up had already been acquired by a rival and moved out of the city. By the time Jehosephat learned about this, the first strands of the Steel Web were falling over Arad. Soon he found himself trapped in the darkness with everyone else.

Stuck in an unfamiliar city with very few contacts and forged paperwork that marked him as a Charioteer, Jehosephat did the only thing he knew how to do: Survive. Survive he has. While his paperwork was found false, his help during the relighting of Arad helped keep him out of chains. He has held many jobs (many just a hair on the other side of legal), but for the last 11 years he has managed the Elmsford Automobile Scrap Works. He has been fixing and rebuilding any and all vehicles that are pushed through his gates. Pushed in, most often, by his employees Ask and Answer.

Jehosephat Watley

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