Jabari Haas

Bounty Hunter for Muster


Jabari is a man that packs a lot of meat into a stocky 5’8" build. Although built like a brute he does show signs of a skillful quickness. He has a tattoo of the Muster house emblem on his left forearm and the Church’s psionic mark branded onto his left temple. He also has a nasty scar wraped around his neck, from a time when some thugs tried to hang him with a noose.


Jabari found himself alone and living on the streets of Arad after the cables stole the sun. Both his parents died trying to fight against the spiders that had captured the city and his sister, Mari, disappeared one night while looking for food for both of them. At a young age he realized that he had to be strong to survive, and strong he grew. He was fortunate to never be picked up by the Muster as a slave. Instead they used the boy as a contact on the streets to find runaway slaves and criminals. Often, these runaways tried to take advantage of him, so he was fine with pointing the Muster their way. That meant he found himself in trouble from time to time but he had learned how to defend himself very well. Well enough that a Muster one day offered him a membership into the merchant house. He accepted and has been working for them ever since, rising to his current rank of Sergeant in the merchant house.

He hasn’t found his sister, thinking that she is now dead, but he has found an older cousin who is a fisherman in Scales. He shares a house with his cousin Anaru in Scales and goes wherever the Muster tell him to go to find a runner. They must not think him ready to venture after runaways into Dark City, the Flooded City, or any of the Hawkmoon occupied areas and he has not tried to venture these place alone.

My name is Sgt. Jabari Haas from merchant house, Muster.
Your current crime/action/station has marked you for slavery.
Until further notice you are mine to command and control.
Now, stand and let us march to The House of Chains for your processing.

Jabari Haas

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