Ur-Ukar Serf


Gray is a scrawny but reasonably handsome Ur-Ukar with grayer than usual skin. He has a retiring demeanor, and tends to defer to his social betters.


As a serf of the Al Malik House, Gray would have spent his years toiling for the benefit of his betters had not his unusual facility with technology been discovered. While all Ur-Ukar are at least a little bit psychic, Gray was somewhat more potent than usual, and his talents lent themselves to the manipulation of energies that could power electric devices. This talent has seen him passed from the service of one Al Malik noble to another at need. He is currently assigned to Shula bint Safiyyah, but he has been clever enough to cultivate favors from all manner of highborn and lowborn worthies, as well as to stash some small amount of money for emergencies.

He cares little about the Steel Web. Life in the darkness is nothing unusual for the Ur-Ukar, and he doesn’t crave light. He does, however, constantly think of survival. He knows that he is currently a favored minion, but that the whims of nobles can be fickle and he must always be alert and ready for a sudden change in fortune.

Gray’s father was a slave-gladiator with the stage-name of Crimson. He belonged to the Decados until he cleverly managed to leverage his popularity into freedom and service to the Al Malik. His new lords were interested in cultivating alien servants to educate their young in preparation for interstellar endeavors. Crimson and his family were taken in as valued serfs, and Crimson went into gladiatorial retirement as a tutor of alien languages and culture. Then the Steel Web came down.

Crimson continues to work for the Al Malik, but his status has fallen somewhat now that his pupils have little hope of a career among the stars. His two children, Gray and his sister Carmine, have spent the majority of their lives under the Web and have had to make places for themselves under Al Malik sponsorship. Carmine has become a successful courtesan to the noble classes of the city, and she continues to be a valuable contact for Gray on the doings of the elite while Gray’s own contacts among the serfs occasionally feed him useful gossip. Gray’s most valuable supporter, however, is Saffiyah, the Al Malik noble to whom he is sworn. She has assigned him to aid and watch over her bastard daughter in exchange for whatever support and protection a woman in her elevated position can offer an alien serf.

His assignment to Saffiyah’s daughter Shula has more to it than merely his facility with technology. Gray’s father Carmine made sure that both his children were extensively and privately trained in the gladiatorial Kraxl knife fighting techniques that won him his freedom. Although the mild, retiring Gray appears to be merely an aid to Shula’s scraver endeavors, his secret skill with his blades keeps his mistress safe from those who would take advantage of her relatively low status in her House.


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