Allen Sook

Illuminatus of the Eskatonic order


Allen joined the eskatonic order as a youth, and studied at a cathedral on a distant world. He came to Arad as a young teenager following a line of research for his order. Shortly after his arrival the web came down, and what was going to be a short trip to the cathedral library became a lifetime.

He Splits his time between his study and acting as a missionary in the city, trying to keep up the hope and faith of the people. When he first started he spent most of his days out, and studied long in to the night. As time went on he spent more and more time studying and less time among the people. He never stopped entirely, though there were years when he only made it out every couple of months. recently he has started going out more, and goes to the gates of the warrens every couple of days to preach to the fallen.

Now in his mid thirty’s he is the head of the half-dozen or so eskatonics in the city. All of his clothing is stained blood red from his thurgic stigma, making him easy to pick out of a crowd.


Allen Sook

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