Under the Steel Web

Who knew there were so many busses in Arad?

In which most of the party is metaphorically run over

With the mounting delays on entering Spider Central as the Archbishop and the Lord Mayor hammer out their issues, the Brothers Battle decide to suppress the troubles in Carbon City (with aid from the Countess Decados on choice of action). The Muster hang out in the vicinity, hoping to scavenge slaves, and see the Civic Police creeping in. Jabari alerts Victor, and then goes in; the Civic Police begin supressing the masses, and the Brothers Battle, led by Victor, come to deal with their share of the troubles. They surround and liquidate a recalcitrant building, which Victor presents as a warning to Jabari to not betray him. Victor gives an interview in which he does not mention that al Malik, who had their forces arrayed to assist the Civic Police. Shula forges a writ preventing the interview from going live; Seffia instead gives an interview in which she barely mentions the Decados or the Brothers Battle. The Church decides to go into Dark City to win more credit. Victor proposes that the Eskatonic brothers should go in first, preaching peace, either in Spider Central or in Dark City; he presents this to Father Sook as the only way to get back into the graces of the Church.

So: Sook thrown under the bus by Victor.
Victor thrown under the bus by Shula (but doesn’t know it).
Jabari thrown under the bus by Victor.
Victor thinks he’s been thrown under the bus by Jabari.
Valentine thrown under the bus by the Church.

That’s a lot of busses.


vanheejason vanheejason

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