Under the Steel Web

The Book Man

A man with books, and a woman with information

They travel into the Warrens, cautiously, and hide when a light comes from one passage. A tattooed man and another with rebar knives appear, but do not see the hidden characters. They comment on the body and leave. Down the other passage, and they encounter another gang/tribe, who have offered to trade with the other explorers, and are willing to do some trading with the group as well, only they have very little of any value. But a little later, the group finds, or is found by, an old man named Bernard who has a secure chamber full of books; he is a scholar, and has valuable things that they can certainly trade for, though mainly he is interested in bullets. Or in getting out, which is what they really offer him. They are to return in two weeks by which time he will have selected the best and most important books. They leave and speak to the gang which lives above and about him, headed by a woman called Zulema: she says there is an old stronghold, yes, an old lair, but it is long abandoned. But they can take a guide, a boy called Scabs who can show them where it is. They go with Scabs and come eventually to a sealed elevator, which Jabiri and Victor pry open. Inside are two long dead bodies, and an open maintenance hatch.


vanheejason vanheejason

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