Under the Steel Web

Out again, and planning back in

They love the Warrens, don't they?

While there is uncertainty about who will trade, and how, they still must leave and return in any case because there are many deals with many folk, not just the Steel Priests. So they must leave, and they do; they must gather up supplies, and they do. There are foodstuffs gathered, and clothes; darts and spears; a great many things of all sorts. And then after much preparation they at last reenter, having done careful dances with the Hazat to figure out good times to do so; having hired slave labor to carry things for them; having consulted with the Al Malik about librarians and the interest in the same which the house might possess; having spoken to the Turk, even, who loathes all humans, or perhaps only claims to? So at last they come back in, after only a handful of days instead of the two weeks they meant to give them, and they are forced to reenter the Warrens. But by now one must think they’re fond of the place, with how often they come in. A building outside has been collapsed to provide cover for the slaves; someone has come and gone in the interval but is departed already; and someone else has crept out, perhaps of the tribe called the Pilgrims? But that is in the past already, and they must enter, so they do. There is no body in the entry chamber now.


vanheejason vanheejason

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