Under the Steel Web

Moving Books

Getting Bernard out turns out to be trouble, sort of

After the retreat of the double of Sister Steal, they continue to sort and pack books, but it grows obvious they have done all they can. They suggest that perhaps a second trip would be well, taking out books but coming back for more quickly. So they load up, creep forth, and hear from above, from Zulema’s tribe, various calls and hoots which suggest that perhaps a second trip is unlikely. Perhaps it will not happen. So they come to the plug, and creep out, and Jabari takes the lead. He cuts open the papier mache barrier and there is a gun in his face; the civic police has arrived. He blusters, he shows his marks of favor, and he is marched off to speak with the Commandant. Three guards remain behind; the rest of the group had been listening, and now Victor comes forth. He blusters, he notes his rank, and he lies about how many of the group remain, and he is led off to meet he Commandant as well, taking with him all the police. So the rest of the group migrate their books out, taking some trips because there are two strong men gone, and then gather up the slaves who are to port the books. Grey and Valentine speak to their watcher, Simon, and bribe him solidly to continue to help and keep a lookout. And then the tech trio head out to Al Malik lands while Father Sook returns to the Cathedral. The other two speak with the Commandant and settle affairs quickly, and then head to their respective homes. The books and Bernard are turned over to the Al Malik, and their value is to be assessed; Victor makes a good impression on the Seamstresses; and a meeting is meant to be had of all of them, to assess what is next to occur, and to figure out the value of what they have done.


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