Under the Steel Web

Listening to Rumors, and Acting on Them

A man in the window turns out to be of some use

Days pass. Rumors swirl in the city that something is happening in the Warrens: has loot come out of the place? has a coffin been removed from it? are the Hazat going to crack down? In any case, inquiring folk seek to find out what has happened. Our heroes already know. But the Inquisition is sniffing about, and that’s trouble. They are deflected, for now, but Brother Marcus may be trouble later still. Our heroes gather and discuss reentering the Warrens, but not, perhaps, by the gates. Shula has stories of an old dig in one of the walls of the Warrens, not far from Foul Lakes, which might have gone deep enough to allow entry. So Shula and Gray and Valentine cut through the Lakes, menaced by a mutant who Gray disposes of promptly, and then they come to the Warrenwall. There is something there, that’s certain, something that’s been plastered open, a shaft like a mine’s. An eye peeks out from behind a curtain, and Valentine issues a bribe to not notice the three of them. The curtains close. But then another group comes along; Gray and Shula hide; Valentine does not, and is shooed off. But he watches from afar, and the others from nearby, as the other group cuts open the plastered door to the shaft, and then enter, and then one of them stays behind and seals the way. The man at the window asks if this should not be noticed, but it should, says Valentine. Our heroes meet up and share this news, and as they talk, one of the party who entered shows up at the Tendril and buys a round for all. Victor chats him up, and learns enough to know that they made a big score of some sort, and ingratiates himself enough that he’ll be contacted if they seek to enter again. But there is a window of opportunity, and so the group decides to attempt the plastered entry themselves: they bring a manservant, who seals up after them, and they crawl through a narrow passage, and open a hatch, and are in the Warrens, in a dark place with a dead man, they know not where.


vanheejason vanheejason

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